Shareholder's guide

Since 1984, French shares are recorded electronically. This means there are no longer any stock certificates, and they are now represented by an entry in a securities account opened in the shareholder's name at a financial institution (bank, brokerage firm, the post office, etc.).
Rallye stock can be purchased directly by the shareholder's account manager.



Your Rallye shares can be hold under different forms:


Registered shares

Shareholders who want to register their shares with the issuing company must fill in a registration or conversion form with their financial intermediary, who holds the shares as nominee. These shareholders will then be known to the issuing company. Registration confers double voting rights at shareholders' meetings if the shareholder has been registered for more than two years. In addition, the shareholder will receive information provided by the issuing company directly along with invitations to AGMs.

There are two categories of registered share :


"Pure registered shares" :

Rallye pure registered shares are managed by BNP Paribas Securities Services - Global Corporate Trust - Relations Actionnaires RALLYE - Grands Moulins de Pantin - 9, rue du Débarcadère 93671 Pantin Cedex. This form of registration has the following advantages :

  • no handling fees,
  • direct mailing of all information published by the company,
  • personal invitation to the AGM.


"Administered registered shares" :

These are managed by a financial intermediary chosen by the shareholder, but the shares are registered with BNP. Contrary to pure registered shares, the shareholder's contact remains his bank manager. On the other hand, the shareholder pays handling fees.

Shareholders relations : +33 (0)1 55 77 40 57



Bearer shares

Shares are "bearer shares" when the issuing company does not know who holds them. Under Group by-laws, in order to identify holders of bearer shares, Rallye is authorized, at any time, and at its own expense, to obtain certain information from the body responsible for payment for the shares. This includes the names (or, in the case of a legal entity, the denomination), nationality, and address of the holders of shares which grant the right to vote, either immediately or in due course, in its own shareholder meetings, as well as the number of shares held by each holder, and, if necessary, any restrictions which may apply to the shares in question.

Rallye may also ask holders of the company's shares whether they hold the shares on their own behalf, or on behalf of a third party. Should the latter be the case, they must provide information serving to identify this third party or parties.

The Group therefore conducts regular "TPI" studies (Bearer Share Identification), the most recent dating from February 4, 2008.



Rallye offers a range of communications to individual shareholders in order to provide them with regular, clear and transparent information.
The annual report, produced in French and English, filed with the French  Market  Authority (AMF, Autorité des Marchés Financiers) as a Reference Document, can be downloaded from this website, (lien). A printed copy is also available on request.

In addition, notices are published in the legal and financial press presenting:

  • Quarterly figures
  • Annual and semi-annual results
  • Notice of General Meetings of Shareholders