Le Groupe Rallye


Rallye is present in the retail food sector, as well in non-food e-commerce and sporting goods retailing through its interests in Casino and Groupe Go Sport..


Simplified organization chart at december 31, 2017


Simplified organization chart, Rallye

(1) 0.8% of which held via an Equity Swap signed on July 31st , 2015 (which can be settled at the latest on July 31st , 2018) related to 840 495 shares with an option for a physical delivery of the shares. The deal was settled on March 9th, 2018 by the exercise of the physical option on 840 495 shares.
(2) As of March 7, 2018, following the cancellation of 413,622 shares by Casino, Rallye holds 51.3% of shares and 63.8% of voting rights.



Casino, which is Rallye’s main asset and represents 98% of consolidated revenue, is a global leader in the food retail sector. In France, its sales performance is secured by a mix of banners and formats that are well adapted both to the economic environment and to major, lasting societal trends. Internationally, its expansion strategy is focused on emerging markets with high growth potential, primarily in Latin America, where its subsidiaries benefit from deep local roots and leadership positions.

> More: www.groupe-casino.fr

Groupe GO Sport, a wholly-owned subsidiary, specializes in the retailing of sporting goods and trendy sneakers through its GO Sport and Courir brands.

> More: www.groupegosport.com

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